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Quintec understands the complexity of integrating People, Process and Technology. We recognise the need to ensure that learning interventions support business objectives and therefore we provide a unique mix of business change skills, business psychology expertise in the learning domain and the application of the MoD Systems Approach to Training and Training Needs Analysis.

The tools and techniques we use ensure that comprehensive learning solutions are created for our clients across the learning spectrum. We work with clients using our knowledge of modern technology, leading edge learning methods and business change solutions to ensure customers receive more Value for Money and a Return on Investment.

We provide a comprehensive client range of training services supporting major programmes in the defence, security and commercial sectors, these services are listed below.

Training Needs Analysis

The first step in developing a training strategy, is to undertake a Training Needs Analysis (TNA). Our proven methodology is based on industry best practice and can be customised to customer requirements.

  • Target Audience Description gathers specific data about each stakeholder such as previous education and skills.
  • Task Analysis generates a hierarchical decomposition of tasks and detailed human performance analysis for subsequent specification of training need.
  • Knowledge, Skills and Attitude Analysis specifies the underlying skills and knowledge required by the job holders.
  • Training Gap Analysis defines those skills that are required by the organisation but are currently not possessed by the target audience.
  • Media Options Analysis develops media profiles based on fidelity, capability and suitability to either fully or partially meet the defined training gap.
  • Training Solution. The culmination of the TNA is justified, auditable conclusion to the Media Options Analysis presenting the most cost and training effective media solution to meet the defined training gap

Organisational Skills Audit

Quintec is able to carry out an organisational skills audit in order to interrogate the organisation as a whole to determine the skills required to meet the business need, relative to those currently existing within the organisation. From this activity a skills or training gap is generated that is auditable in the clients organisation.

Training Course Design

We can provide a seamless transition from the outputs generated from any training requirements study, such as TNA, to specify and design effective training courses. These satisfy the training needs of the customer training organisation and deliver the requisite performance using enhancing benefits within an agreed budget. Value for money is the aim.

Training Media Design

We assure our customers that recommended media solutions are based on their training and cost effectiveness equating to more effective and efficient training interventions.

We develop support solutions that can be delivered in formats such as:

  • Hard copy
  • CD
  • DVD
  • E-learning – Interactive web-based content (internet or intranet)
  • Through Microsoft Applications
  • Personalised delivery through laptops, PDAs or other specified media can be developed

We will also embed any applicable industry standards or compliance requirements into your programme. We only recommend the inclusion of high value training media where the benefits can be demonstrated e.g. improving training retention and long term cost savings to customers.

Training Management System

Many organisations today have devolved the training function to external agencies or to departments that do not always have the expertise or resources to manage training programmes effectively.

We analyse an organisations’ existing capabilities to manage training and produce a specification for a Training Management Information System.

Instructor Operating Station

A critical part of the training delivery system is the Instructor Operating Station (IOS) to provide the functionality necessary to manage an effective training event. Our analysts are expert at ensuring the correct functionality is embedded in IOS systems and that these are designed from the outset with a complete understanding of instructor workload, tasking, resourcing needs, and Human Computer Interface.

Training Performance Evaluation

A training performance evaluation of your training system will identify whether your organisation is getting value for money and operational benefit from your current training system.

The quality audit helps:

  • Gauge customer / trainee satisfaction
  • Assess if learning is taking place
  • Quantify behavioural changes
  • Measure Organisational impacts

Tools – TRAP

In order to support the MoD Systems Approach to Training process, Quintec has developed a comprehensive and market leading software tool called Training Requirements Analysis Program (TRAP). We utilise the unique functionality of our in-house software application TRAP to support the analysis and data capture necessary in the Skills Audit, TNA and Training Course Design processes.

TRAP is a Windows application providing a consistent environment for the analysis of training needs and the development of training objectives, training technology options and the design of specific training interventions. TRAP makes the TNA process more manageable, configurable and consistent, saving both time and money.

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